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Deer Survey 2022

The British Deer Society manages a Great Britain and Northern Ireland deer distribution survey every 5 years. This year we will once again be asking everybody who has seen deer of any species to kindly inform us using the simple format below. Please be assured, any information given will not be attributed to you and any information will be collated as deer presence within a 10 kmĀ² grid square and not a specific property or area. The information gained from the survey helps scientists, researchers and other agencies understand current deer distribution and new areas of colonisation since our previous survey. Your personal details will be used for the express purpose of processing this and any future deer surveys and not passed on elsewhere.

Thank you for you cooperation. We may contact you if we require additional information

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This is probably the most important piece of information we require! Use the text input below to specify a location - you can also drag the marker around the map.